Ohio Family Goes Above and Beyond To Feed Hungry Kids

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Ohio Family Goes Above and Beyond To Feed Hungry Kids

PE teacher Jason Watson has inspired people not just in his community, but worldwide following his reaction to learning that some of the students at his elementary school did not have food at home.

Jason and his wife, school librarian Anne, bought a used ice cream truck which they are now using to deliver both hot home-cooked lunches and icy treats to the kids in their 1,300-person town of Frazeysburg, Ohio. Their kids Pax, 12, Skye, 11, and Lily, 14 are also helping them carry out the mission.

In an interview with PEOPLE, Jason said that once the kids hear the music, they start running towards the truck. Anne has also said that there is nothing better than seeing the faces of these kids when they are coming toward them.

For the couple, this all started in 2016 when the couple were youth ministers at Crossroads Christian Church. It was there that they started AIM Outreach, an extracurricular program that included offering free lunches. However, during the pandemic, their outreach was put on pause.

Following this, Jason asked a local ice cream truck owner if he was willing to drive them around to deliver food and treats to the kids. The man was so moved that he offered for the couple to buy the truck from him. Jason said that the truck was purchased in October 2020 and since then the family has been cooking and delivering around 70 meals in the summertime. Overall, since getting the truck, they have delivered around 1,500 lunches.

The couple also launched a GoFundMe in June of 2022 which has helped them improve their truck and continue serving hot meals and treats to these kids and families.

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