Ohio Secretary of State Purges State Voter Rolls

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(FeaturedNews.com) – Frank LaRose, Ohio’s Secretary of State, recently directed the purging of voter rolls to remove non-citizens after a state review identified over 100 such individuals registered to vote. The Ohio Public Integrity Division conducted the investigation using data from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, discovering 137 residents who, despite confirming non-citizenship twice, were still registered. Ohio law necessitates that a person confirms their non-citizenship on two occasions and either updates their registration or votes subsequently for their name to be considered for removal from the rolls.

LaRose’s office has planned to send at least two notices to these individuals, asking them to verify their citizenship status or deregister voluntarily. Ignoring these notices will lead to their removal by county election boards. While some may face legal consequences, LaRose highlighted that errors might be non-malicious, caused by misunderstandings or communication barriers.

Moreover, LaRose’s office indicated that additional non-citizen registrations might exist, not yet identified due to the need for extensive data cross-referencing, including federal databases. Thus, they are seeking access to more comprehensive citizenship data from federal agencies and records to ensure voter roll accuracy.

These efforts are part of a broader initiative by LaRose, who also serves as vice chairman of the Republican Secretaries of State Committee, to promote Ohio’s election system as a model for other Republican-led states. He emphasized the importance of principled Republican leadership in upcoming secretary of state races, considering the national attention these positions are attracting.

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