Oreo Releases Video Ad Pushing Controversial Propaganda

Oreo Releases Video Ad Pushing for Gay Agenda

(FeaturedNews.com) – Oreo introduced a new film on April 4 with a gay storyline. It drew a lot of backlash on Twitter from people questioning why this company has shifted to woke messaging. In the Twitter post introducing the video, the company included the hashtag LifelongAlly to encourage others to share it.

The story told in the film by Alice Wu is of an Asian boy telling his grandmother he is gay. Meanwhile, his sister is eating an Oreo, which is the only part of the ad to even give a nod to the company.

Oreo notes on its website that the campaign is part of a partnership with PFLAG, an organization for friends and relatives of LGTBQ+ individuals. PFLAG also has relationships with Hallmark, Walmart, and Verizon. The campaign from the cookie company included Twitter posts of various LGBTQ+ flags showing Oreo cookies with coordinating cream colors.

Reactions to this release varied. Some people showed support and thanked the company for representing the LGBTQ+ community. But many voiced their opinions that this was going too far or expressed confusion.

One user asked a question many people were wondering.

Others questioned the motives. User @laurimar made a good point, saying this is a move by the company to make money off the LGBTQ+ community and not a real show of support.

Should food companies get involved in social justice and political issues, or is it better if they stick to making yummy products?

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