Over 1,000 Girls Were Groomed by Gangs in One Small Town

Over 1,000 Girls Were Groomed by Gangs in One Small Town

Over 1,000 Girls “Groomed” in MASSIVE Conspiracy – Details Released!

(FeaturedNews.com) – Problems with people turning against the police aren’t limited to the United States. Local police officials in a tiny English town reportedly “turned a blind eye” to the rise of Asian gangs out of concern the woke crowd would label them racist. As a result, the West Mercia Police in Telford in Shropshire County, England, allowed gangs of primarily Asian individuals to exploit more than 1,000 girls sexually.

A Look at the Crime Behind the Crime

Eversheds Sutherland LLP, a highly esteemed international law firm, recently concluded a three-year investigation into law enforcement’s handling of the situation, publishing their final report on July 12.

Witnesses spoke to the firm about the rise of the so-called rape gangs in the early 2000s. The conventional wisdom of the time said it was better to ignore the situation because trying to do anything would only lead to accusations that police were racist. Telford did develop a task force to go after those committing sexual crimes against children, but it blatantly ignored crimes committed by Asians. A witness admitted during the inquiry that they refused to participate in the effort due to the racial element.

The investigation also determined that Asian gangs declared their territories as off-limits to law enforcement. Officers that tried to patrol gang-controlled territory faced threats, abuse, and attacks.

The inquiry found that even reporting the crimes was useless for victims. They could file a report, but nothing would come from it. In some instances, law enforcement officials even pointed the finger of blame at the children.

A Sad Conclusion

Tom Crowther, the head of the Eversheds Sutherland inquiry, wrote in his summary statement that the evidence his team collected showed that gangs ran unchecked for decades. He said the most appalling result of the findings was the effect on the individuals who fell victim to trafficking, rape, humiliation, and violence. Plus, the perpetrators threatened their families to stay quiet.

Crowther also released a video detailing his investigation’s findings and conclusions. He said the crimes began in the 1970s when men would lure children with candy. Over time, the only thing that changed was what they used to draw youngsters into their web. He claimed to have evidence of generations within families who were victims.

Will There Be Accountability?

Former Detective Maggie Oliver recently spoke out about the grooming gangs, saying there has been no accountability within law enforcement for their inaction. Instead, she explained those in charge want to continue ignoring what happened rather than addressing the issue.

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