Over 120 Suspects Arrested After Countless Women Were Victimized by Them

Over 120 Suspects Arrested After 8 Women Were Victimized by Them

82 Suspects ARRESTED After Countless Women Victimized

(FeaturedNews.com) – South African police have more than 120 men in custody after a gang rape incident in Krugersdorp. On July 28, a group of 22 people was shooting a music video at an abandoned mining site near Johannesburg, when a large number of armed men from a criminal gang known as the zama-zamas ambushed them. The suspects allegedly raped eight women and then robbed everyone on the crew, taking personal items and equipment.

The investigation into the devastating situation continues, and officers keep making more arrests. Police Minister Bheki Cele stated it is essential to find everyone involved, and the department is committed to using all available resources. The captured men are not yet facing rape charges. Authorities explained they are awaiting DNA test results, but they’re holding the suspects for weapon possession, illegal mining, and immigration violations.

The zama-zamas has become problematic in the region, taking over abandoned mining operations to build smuggling rings for moving minerals, usually gold. Residents in Krugersdorp say they’ve lived with the group’s violence, which goes largely undisturbed due to corruption within local law enforcement, for a long time.

The incident could become politically charged as most of the organization’s members are foreigners. Xenophobia is common in this area and is often used as a device by politicians in campaigns. There are some suggestions the mass rape could have also been racially motivated.

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