Panicked Crowd Stampeded at “March for Our Lives” Rally

Panicked Crowd Stampeded at

Pride March STAMPEDE – It Hit Without Warning

( – This past weekend, the March for Our Lives rally in Washington DC nearly descended into chaos after a portion of the crowd panicked, sending people stampeding for safety. Fortunately, the incident was short-lived.

The event was the DC version of a nationwide protest against gun violence in the wake of the recent shootings in Buffalo, New York, and Uvalde, Texas. The nation’s capital is a popular place for activist groups across the political spectrum to march, display signs, and peacefully protest for their cause. On this day, however, a man screamed “gunshot,” and panic ensued. Park Police took the man into custody and managed to control the nearly-disastrous situation.

Florida resident Mitchell Martinez, 21, faces charges of disorderly conduct, creating fear, and disturbing a gathering. He had no weapons and wasn’t deemed a threat. Martinez was released on bond and given a court date. Police listed no motive for his actions.

ABC 7News reporter Ashlie Rodriguez, who was on-site when the incident occurred, said the running was a chain reaction. Once a small group runs in fear, the effect can ripple outwards. She noted that some protesters were left in tears, but Martinez’s arrest, the rest of the day was uneventful.

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