Pastor Unveils Dark Secret, His Victim Responds

Pastor Unveils Dark Secret, His Victim Responds

Church SCANDAL – Pastor Confesses!

( – Sex scandals in churches aren’t anything new, but the cases are still devastating. For example, a pastor in Indiana recently came forward to bravely admit to his congregation that he had committed the sin of adultery. The church members were so impressed with his honesty that they gave him a standing ovation. But one member wasn’t about to let him get away with an even darker secret he failed to divulge. She told the church he’d had sex with her when she was only 16.

A Shocking Church Service

On Sunday, May 22, Pastor John Lowe II stood in front of his congregation at the New Life Christian Church in Warsaw and spilled the details of his sins. The married man confessed he had an affair 20 years ago. He didn’t name the woman involved or give any details, but he did ask his congregation for forgiveness.

When church members began to stand and applaud him for being honest, Bobi Gephart announced his sins went beyond adultery because he groomed her when she was an impressionable teen, beginning when she was only 16 years old. She was the woman in question.

Gephart went on to tell the church that she felt held down by the lie she had to keep for 27 years, and that it damaged her mental well-being. At one point, Gephart said she had suicidal thoughts. She also addressed Lowe directly, telling him he was not the victim and would have to ultimately answer to God for what he did.

The Impact

Gephart had plenty of support. Her husband accompanied her to the front of the church when she spoke. He also stood up for her, telling the pastor his unholy relationship with Gephart lasted nine years and that the purity ring Lowe gave his wife all those years ago has now been rendered both useless and insincere.

The congregation was not happy. Churchgoers began yelling at him to provide a full confession. They demanded to hear what Lowe had to say about Gephart’s accusations.

The pastor returned to the front and took the microphone. He said that because he was so vague in his original admission, he felt that he had hidden nothing from the congregation. Needless to say, the churchgoers were not happy at all with his response. Lowe tried to calm them as a result –  he admitted it happened, but also pleaded his case that not everything Gephart said was true. The disgraced pastor then stepped down for a final time.

The church released a statement advising that Lowe had tendered his resignation from the New Life Christian Church and World Outreach. The church also said it fully supports Gephart and wants to provide her with whatever she needs to move forward. They also said they pray for healing for everyone involved, including Pastor Lowe.

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