Paul Whelan’s Family Targets Who?

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The brother of former Marine Paul Whelan, who has spent nearly four years imprisoned in Russia, criticized former President Trump on Friday over his comments about the Biden administration’s decision to strike a deal with Russia for the release of WNBA star Brittney Griner but not Whelan.

David Whelan noted on Twitter that in the past 24 hours Trump had made more mentions of his brother than he had ever made during his two years in office. During that time, Whelan had already been imprisoned at the time.

David Whelan noted that not only that, but Trump does not care about his brother any more now than he had back then.

The United States secured Griner’s release on Thursday following her detention in Russia in February. Griner had been detained over carrying vaping cartridges with hashish oil which is illegal in Russia. As part of the release agreement, Griner was exchanged for Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout, who had so far served 10 out of his 25-year sentence. Bout’s charges included conspiracy to kill U.S. citizens, support of a designated terrorist organization and several other charges.

Many have criticized the deal, especially since Russia got better terms and are getting back an arms dealer, while the U.S. focused on Griner but not Whelan.

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