Pelosi’s Insane Comment About Biden Sparks Outrage

Brian Birzer, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

( – Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in a recent interview on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”  defended President Biden over those who have expressed worries about how the president’s age might affect his ability to handle another term in office.

During the interview, Pelosi joked that to her the President was just a “kid” and proceeded to argue that “age is relative.” As she said, the President should lean into his age more and focus on all the experience that he can bring. He added that Former President Donald Trump, whom she did not directly reference, only choosing to call him the other side’s leader, is not significantly younger than Biden. She finally stated that in her opinion, Biden has done an excellent job leading the country.

As she pointed out, they wanted the President to complete his unfinished business, adding that they were lucky to be in a position where he can serve. Pelosi also pointed out that Biden was younger than her, which is why she viewed him as a “kid.”

In regards to those who criticize his age, she pointed out that they were just trying to find an “excuse” and that age was not an actual reason to not support Trump. She added that the important thing with this election would be to focus on the future generation and the American people.

Many Democratic voters and even some of Biden’s advisors have expressed concerns about how his age might impede his 2024 presidential campaign and ability to serve a second term.

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