Pelosi RACISM? – It Accidentally Slips Out

US Department of Labor, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Pelosi RACISM? – It Accidentally Slips Out

During a Friday press conference, Pelosi said that governors who chose to relocate illegal immigrants were wrong because they would need those illegal immigrants to stay and “pick the crops down here.” This comment was mainly directed at Gov. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., who moved illegal immigrants by plane and left them in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts. Pelosi has been heavily criticized for her statement since then.

Twitter went after Speaker Nancy Pelosi in numbers after she claimed that Floridian farmers needed illegal immigrants to “pick the crops.” Her critics believed this statement to be demeaning, and quite telling regarding her real stance on immigration.

During a question at the press conference, Pelosi stated that both border security and openness to migrants are political necessities and responsibilities. She also said that comprehensive immigration reform was necessary for the country’s economy due to the shortage of workers.

It was after that comment that she said states like Florida should allow the immigrants to stay there and help them pick the crops.

Twitter has now blasted the speaker over her comments, which many perceive to mean that they should exploit illegal immigrants for cheap labor so that they can make a profit.

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