Pharmaceutical Felon Is Now Back in Business

Pharmaceutical Felon Is Now Back in Business

Felon RETURNS – He’s Launching a New Business!

( – Martin Shkreli, the infamous “Pharma Bro” who recently walked out of federal prison after a stint for securities fraud, is back in business. His conviction came with a lifetime ban from the pharmaceutical industry — but that’s not what the ex-con says he’s doing.

According to a press release from his new company, Druglike, Shkreli is delving into the world of Web3, promising to develop software to make sourcing drugs and research easier. Web3 is the common term for the world of cryptocurrencies, blockchains, and NFTs.

The release makes no mention of digital assets, nor does it explain how blockchains work. The convicted fraudster promises a new “proof of optimization” method for consensus unlike anything currently in use, which may warrant skepticism.

Being cautious of a person like Martin Shkreli probably won’t be difficult for those he’s taken for a ride in the past. He rose to slimy stardom by acquiring a drug in use for six decades and jacking the price from under $10 to $750 per pill, leaving people with immune system deficiencies fearing for their lives over a common antiparasitic. It was yet another scam that landed him in jail.

The conman started a hedge fund and lied to investors about its performance. He served four out of seven years inside, during which time he asked to be released so he could work on the coronavirus. It seems even in prison, Pharma Bro was trying to work an angle.

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