Photo Of Kitty Sparks Uproar

Photo by Mikhail Vasilyev on Unsplash

A picture of a 15-year-old cat has been going viral. Miracle, the cat in question seems to be able to pull the most hilarious facial expressions. This is something that caught her owner’s attention, who eventually decided to go on Reddit and share the photo of the cat along with a funny caption reading “Sometimes she meows and gets stuck like this.”

In the picture the cat can be seen with her teeth poking from inside her mouth and her eyes completely crossed. The comments were quick to pick up on the hilarious expression with one user noting how the cat “went full derp”.

Miracle’s owner, known as huebnera214 on Reddit has not disclosed her original identity but has said that she and Miracle live in Ohio. Apparently, Miracle was originally found when she was a kitten. She had been abandoned in a Metropark where she was found by her new owner. Originally, she had stayed in the horse park with all of their other animals, but 3 years ago they decided to bring her into the house where she could enjoy a pleasant retirement.

According to current estimates, the number of feral or unowned cats in the U.S. is around 73 million, with more than 10 percent of Americans saying that they feed outdoor cats.

Miracle’s owner also noted that her eyes are “a little wonky” but that it is due to some medical issues. Similarly, her teeth also had gotten some infections around two years ago which resulted in her lips occasionally getting stuck.

Her owner said that she thought many would find the photo of the cat funny which is why it was originally posted.


Image credit: HUEBNERA214/REDDIT
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