PHOTO: Parents Endanger Their Own Kids on Cruise Ship

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

( – A photo of two children seated on the railing of a cruise ship balcony has recently gone viral. While the cruise has not yet been identified many users have stated that the incident had taken place on a Royal Caribbean ship.

Royal Caribbean in a statement to the Insider stated that this incident was in violation of the guest-conduct policy and that they would take it “very seriously.”

Users who have viewed the photo online have called for operators to completely ban the children’s parents. The photo was first posted on the Carnival Cruise Line Miami Blog on Facebook on July 25, and it depicted two boys who were sitting on the balcony rail of what looked like a cruise ship. The faces of the two boys were obscured and their identity has not yet been revealed. Liz Pride was the one to capture the photo, and the caption questioned where the parents of the two boys were.

Robert Dempster, a Twitter user stated that the photo appears to have been captured on Serenade of the Seas which is run by Royal Caribbean. However, that has not yet been verified.

A spokesperson for Royal Caribbean in a statement noted that the company’s priority was the safety of both their passengers and crew members. They added that everyone on one of their cruise ships is required to adhere to the guest conduct policy.

Many of the online users have also called for the parents of the two children to be banned from any future cruises because of the children being allowed to be seated on the balcony railings.


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