Plane Crashes and Explodes on Busy Highway

Plane Crashes and Explodes on Busy Highway

Plane CRASHES and EXPLODES on Busy Highway

( – What seemed more like a Hollywood stunt than a real life event played out on a busy California highway on August 10, as a small plane attempted to land among the traffic. The vessel touched down and hit a pickup truck before spinning out of control in a fiery spectacle that closed the interstate for hours. Footage obtained by CBS Los Angeles shows the moment in real-time:

When emergency services arrived, they found the pilot and passenger unharmed and the plane in flames. Overhead shots taken after the crash show the charred remnants of a once-airborne vehicle. The pilot, Andrew Cho, told KTLA that he chose to put the aircraft down on the road when it lost power, aiming between the cars.

It was a “hard bump,” said the aviator, who went on to describe how the engine stalled completely at about five feet off the ground, causing the final drop. In the video, the fuel trailed behind as the plane spun to the median, erupting into a ball of fire.

Captain Levi Miller of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) told the outlet that everyone involved was fortunate that traffic was light, and Cho was able to find a spot to set down without causing more damage. He noted the pilot reported engine failure on his final descent to Corona Municipal Airport. The FAA will investigate the incident.

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