Police Open Fire on Protesting Farmers

Police Open Fire on Farmer Protestors

Police OPEN FIRE on Protestors!

(FeaturedNews.com) – Environmental regulations in the Netherlands led to police shooting at protestors driving tractors on July 5. Officers say they only fired warning shots because they feared the tractors were getting too close to them, insisting they didn’t specifically target any protestors. The farmers have been speaking out over new emissions reduction standards that could seriously endanger their business prospects.

The Dutch government recently revealed its plans to reduce pollutants by 50% with a goal date of 2030. The proposed legislation would require food growers to reduce protein in feed to help lessen ammonia production from livestock. Lawmakers were voting on the proposal on July 5 when farmers came out in droves to gather at the parliament building to show their disapproval.

The farmers claim the new laws would make it difficult or impossible for them to continue their livelihoods. Lawmakers have already acknowledged that farmers must adjust to the new measures or close their operations.

Around 40,000 people gathered to let the government know they didn’t support the new regulations. They clogged roadways with their large tractors. Some participants dropped hay on the streets and started bonfires. They also stopped distribution routes for grocery stores. The group claims the government is targeting them while letting other industries get off without accountability for their contributions to pollution.

The government has enlisted the aid of an intermediary to negotiate with the protestors. However, they say they won’t back down.

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