Pop Star Shakira’s Stalker Leaves Judge Stunned

Photo by Sasun Bughdaryan on Unsplash

(FeaturedNews.com) – Texas man Daniel John Valtier, 56, from El Paso, has been accused of being Shakira’s stalker after he made several inappropriate posts on social media claiming he was her husband. He had also sent her gifts, and flowers and had even appeared outside her home on Monday, where he ended up being arrested.

The presiding judge in court informed Valtier of the details of the stay-away order, however, Valtier stated that he did not agree. The judge continued speaking over the suspect in a lower tone and asked whether Valtier had understood the terms. In response, Valtier claimed that Shakira was his wife and that spoke to her all the time.

The judge corrected the man saying that she was not his wife. This led to a heated exchange between Valtier and the judge which ended with the judge closing his eyes, shaking his head, and arguing that he had some “real concerns.”

The judge, who made notes about Valtier’s claims, argued that the man was delusional and that he kept insisting she was his wife, which was untrue. He added that this would not be something he puts “up with” and proceeded to double Valtier’s bond to $100,000. As he pointed out, the reason for the increase is that he did not believe the initial bond had been high enough to protect the community and Shakira.

As part of the modified stay-away order, the man is also blocked from all “indirect communications” including any social media posts that perpetuated his ideas about the made-up romance.

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