Pope Says Action Will Be Taken After More Child Abuse Is Revealed

Pope Says Action Will Be Taken After More Child Abuse Is Revealed

(FeaturedNews.com) – A recent report revealed former Pope Benedict XVI knew about sexual abuse in the Church and failed to report it. The Vatican said it would make a statement on the information on January 27, but the current Pope spoke out just one day after the news broke.

On January 21, Pope Francis committed to ensuring that all sexual abuse scandal victims get the justice they deserve. He says the Church is working closely with investigators to unearth the truth about ongoing cases and protect congregants from future harm.

Pope Francis reassured members that the Vatican is taking steps to better protect its members against abuse in the future. The institution apparently implemented new procedures for responding to claims, which it believes will provide better support to victims.

While the religious leader never mentioned the former Pope by name, the timing of his remarks is suspect. Pope Francis spoke up just one day after a German law firm working in conjunction with the Vatican released a controversial report alleging that Pope Benedict permitted known Priest predators to continue working with children during his tenure as Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. He also apparently hid critical info about the men from others within the Church.

Pope Francis’s reassurances are enough to convince some members of the Church that it is now committed to preventing future scandals. Yet, others aren’t quite as certain about the sudden and early remarks. The Vatican itself has yet to hand down an official statement.

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