Popular Earbuds Recalled for Burn Risk

(FeaturedNews.com) – If you received DEWALT earphones for Christmas or recently bought yourself a pair, checking your specific model can help you avoid unexpected burns. Fortunately, identifying whether your earphones are eligible for this recall is relatively simple.

Now is also a good time to watch for other product recalls that may be related to your family’s Christmas gifts, especially other electronics, children’s toys, and other categories that are most likely to be defective.

DEWALT Earbuds Recalled for Overheating Issues

DEWALT Jobsite Pro Wireless Earphones have been recalled by E-filliate based on their tendency to overheat while charging. 61 consumers have reported this issue. Four of these consumers reported minor burns from touching the overheated earphones, while five reported that the issue caused fires.

How Do I Know if My DEWALT Earphones Are Affected?

Affected batches of approximately 300,000 pairs of earphones were sold between December 2019 and July 2021. Specific manufacture codes that are most at risk of overheating and potentially causing burns or fires include D4 1910, D4 1912, D4 2003, D4 2004, D4 2006, D4 2009, D4 2011, D4 2012, D4 2101, D4 2103, and D4 2104. This code can be found on the left side of the earphones’ black and yellow earband. Your earphones will be eligible for this recall if they do not have a manufacture code or if regular use has worn that part of the product and prevents it from being read to ensure that all affected products can be accounted for.

Affected products should be returned to the store where you purchased them or directly to E-filliate for a replacement pair at no cost. You may also be able to obtain a refund if you do not want a new pair, and you can contact E-filliate at 888-979-4439, [email protected], or https://www.efilliate.com/notices/DXMA1902091 if you have any other questions or concerns related to this recall or the company’s other products.

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