Popular State May Outlaw Asking People Their Vaccination Status

Popular State May Outlaw Asking People Their Vaccination Status

(FeaturedNews.com) – One of the prevailing arguments during the COVID-19 pandemic has centered on personal medical freedom and rights. While the law says it is illegal to ask about employees’ medical histories, COVID vaccination status hasn’t fallen under this umbrella, but one state is looking to change that.

State Representative Mike Burns (R-SC) proposed a bill that would ban employers from asking whether workers were vaccinated. The bill would make it a criminal violation to ask about a person’s status. It would apply not only to employers but also to public entities, nonprofit organizations, and businesses.

Burns based his legislation on a call to protect the privacy of private medical information. He says people who have chosen not to get the vaccine suffer due to current policies.

The representative notes that people have lost their jobs and are seeing economic consequences because employers mandate vaccination status reporting. He pointed out that some people also see increases in their insurance costs through employers when they are unvaccinated.

Burns went on to say that employers cannot legally ask personal medical-related questions, such as pregnancy status. Somehow, the COVID-19 vaccine doesn’t fall under the same category, which he says makes no sense. So should a person have the same privacy protections regarding vaccination history?

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