Potential Assassin Arrested After Trying To Enter Iranian Journalist’s Home

Potential Assassin Arrested After Trying To Enter Iranian Journalist's Home

Potential Assassin ARRESTED – It Was Almost Too Late!

(FeaturedNews.com) – New York Police Department officers arrested Khalid Mehdiyev on July 28 for what they thought were minor traffic crimes. He had rolled through a stop sign, and upon pulling over the vehicle, authorities realized the driver didn’t have a valid license. But then, they uncovered further evidence that the man may have been in the area for nefarious purposes.

Officials found cash, a high-capacity magazine, and an AK-47 in Mehdiyev’s SUV. They also discovered an extra set of license plates and connected the suspect to a person who’d been lurking outside the residence of outspoken Iranian journalist Masih Alinejad in Brooklyn.

Authorities allege Mehdiyev was around the home for two days prior to officers taking him into custody. They had surveillance of the man sitting in an SUV outside the address and attempting to get inside the house through the front door.

Alinejad posted a video from her home security camera on Twitter of the man’s activities.

Mehdiyev claims he was at the door to ask about renting a room. He explained the suspicious items weren’t his as he had borrowed the SUV. But later, the suspect admitted to owning the gun and being in the neighborhood looking for an unspecified individual.

Officials continue investigating whether Mehdiyev is part of an Iranian scheme against the journalist. The FBI uncovered a plot to kidnap Alinejad in 2021. A group of Iranian operatives faced charges of conspiracy to commit the crime, but some of them remain at large. She has been a target of the regime for being a critic of the Middle Eastern country’s policies.

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