Power Grid Operator Forced To Take Emergency Measures

Power Grid Operator Forced To Take Emergency Measures

Power Grid Operator Takes EMERGENCY MEASURES – Forced Into Action

(FeaturedNews.com) – As temperatures in the scorching Texas summer sun reach 100 degrees or more, the state’s power grid finds itself in a constant battle to keep up. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the operator of a grid supporting the needs of 26 million customers, took extraordinary measures to avoid rolling blackouts and catastrophic outages.

ERCOT’s emergency plan included asking residents to add a few degrees to their thermostats during the hottest part of the day when power consumption typically peaks. By using fewer air conditioning BTUs, power to essential systems at places like hospitals and nursing homes should stay flowing. The firm also asked customers to cut down on all non-essential power usage, especially during daylight hours, including things like swimming pool pumps.

Texas is notorious for power grid issues. Unexpected freezing and an ice storm wreaked havoc on the state’s grid in 2021, leading to multiple deaths. Extreme heat, which can be just as dangerous, and could have a similar mortality rate if the power companies can’t get a handle operations.

The repeated issues with the flow of power in the Lone Star State may have some wondering if the grid operators have done enough to secure the safe transfer of electricity to its citizens. Is this an issue Texas should continue to ignore until a crisis is imminent?

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