Prehistoric Beast Found on Florida Air Force Base Released Into the Wild

Photo by Jacek Dylag on Unsplash

( – A 12-foot alligator, who showed up unexpectedly at a U.S. Air Force base, has been released into the wild.  

In a Facebook post on May 16, the MacDill Air Force Base in Tampa, Florida, announced the alligator had been transferred to an alligator sanctuary in Palmdale.  

In the post, the MacDill Air Force Base revealed the “12 ft. 3 in scaly friend” had been released safely at Gatorama and had already made friends. 

They added that to “pay homage to his origins,” the sanctuary had renamed the gator MacDill. 

In a video accompanying the post, the enormous gator crawls off the vehicle and swims into the water before disappearing entirely. 

The 12 ft. reptile became a local celebrity after the MacDill Air Force Base posted about him on May 15. In the post, which showed the gator laying outside the base’s buildings, the AFB joked that “Airman Ally Gator… returned to duty” and would be overseeing the base’s complaint department.  

They added that the gator had been spotted “near the Med Group” on the evening of May 15.  

The post, which garnered 2,500 reactions, also had locals joking about the gator’s location, with one user asking who would tell the reptile “he is out of regs?”  

Others identified the 12 ft gator as Elvis, who they’d spotted on the golf course, noting he had traveled “a heck of a long way” to arrive at the hospital area.  

The alligator sighting isn’t MacDill AFB’s first. In April, video footage showed authorities wrangling a gator on the tarmac.

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