Pro-Palestinian Group Targets Major U.S. Event

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

( – On Thursday, Seven Circles Alliance, a social justice and climate change organization disrupted the Macy’s Thanksgiving parade by blocking the route and calling for the liberation of the entire planet and Palestine.

Newsmax posted a video of the protesters who had laid down to block the route. One of the female protesters specifically was calling for Palestine’s liberation arguing that what is happening in the region is genocide. She further called for the liberation of the planet, and stated that it was time for the U.S. government to “take a stand.” She then pushed for an end to using fossil fuels, the apartheid, and argued that everyone was at risk.

Many of the protesters had managed to climb over the fences in order to block the parade route. They also proceeded to pour a red liquid that looked like blood on themselves prior to their arrest by police.

On its website, the organization claims to be composed of diverse groups that are looking to create change and address the need for a change in the economic and political systems. They also advocate for the importance of taking action against climate change. As the statement points out the group is focused on uniting scientists, organizations, and unions in order to address capitalism. The group pushed for the need for decentralization and pointed out that it is necessary to de-commodify the means of survival.

The New York City Macy’s Parade is an annual Thanksgiving tradition and is watched by thousands of people in the city.

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