Property Owner Heart Broken After Tenants Do This

Photo by Brandon Griggs on Unsplash

Property Owner Heart Broken After Tenants Do This

A TikTok user known by the username @mrloanofficer took to Twitter to show the destruction left behind by some guests who rented his unit. The man, Brandon Rodriguez walked around the apartment showing the various levels of vandalism.

The video which has gathered more than 1 million views in a short time shows an apartment that is completely trashed. Objects are broken, and there are burn marks on the bed and graffiti all around. The property was being rented through several platforms including Vrbo which is where these particular guests booked it from.

A Vrbo spokesperson said that the company has many policies in place to help hosts who want to safeguard their properties. These can include a requirement for guests to buy property damage protection as well as requesting a damage deposit from guests. Once the guests have left, there is a two-week period in which the owners of the properties can file a claim for any damages they find in their properties.

Guests on Vrbo who paid a damage deposit will have the money returned to them if there is no damage on the property. For any damages, the guest’s payment method is used for the charges.

Property owners are also able to establish all of their property rules. These can include stating whether pets or smoking is allowed among other things.

In Rodriguez’s apartment, several peculiar messages were saying “Alexandrea is not a criminal or a hero,” or “Kai’s torture chamber.”



Omg now what. Why would someone want to do this. This booking was through VRBO, which is rare since it is primarily used as my Airbnb apartment. Horrible people. #vrbo #str #shorttermstay #strhorrorstories #horrorstory #airbnb #dispicable #october2022

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