Protestors Assault Top Airlines Executive

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( – On a recent Thursday, Ryanair’s top executive had an unexpected encounter when he was hit with two pies by female environmental activists. The incident, which took place near the European Union’s Brussels office, saw Michael O’Leary, the group CEO, receiving a pie on his face and another at the back of his head.

Images shared by Ryanair on the social platform X, previously known as Twitter (now under Elon Musk’s ownership), showed O’Leary, the Irish airline executive, with cream smeared on his face and head, while holding a spiral-bound petition.

A comment from one of the activists captured by Sky News was, “Stop the pollution of the planes.”

The document in O’Leary’s hand was related to the French airspace and recent strikes by French air traffic controllers. Ryanair is urging the EU Commission to ensure safe passage for aircraft during these strikes.

Although Ryanair’s social media claims the petition has 1.5 million signatures, their official website puts the number at 1.8 million. In Brussels, O’Leary aimed to present this petition to the European Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen. Ryanair cites that these strikes have been the cause for over 4,000 flight cancellations in 2023.

In a lighter moment post the pie-throwing, the Irish Independent quoted O’Leary saying, “I love cream cakes, they’re my favorite.”

O’Leary, who has been at the helm of Ryanair for over four years, is set to continue in his role until at least July 2028. Before his current position, he had been the CEO of Ryanair for over twenty years, as stated on the airline’s site.

Lastly, Ryanair disclosed that they transported about 18.9 million passengers in the month of August. The numbers for June and July were 18.7 million and 17.4 million passengers respectively.

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