Public School Week Reduced to Just Four Days in Florida District

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( – In Florida, the Pasco County School District is going to be introducing a series of four-day breaks in the 2024-25 academic calendar in an attempt to fight chronic absenteeism. As part of the schedule, they will place a number of four-day breaks across the year.

The extended weekends are going to take place from October 12, February 14, and April 18. As the school district argued, they were hopeful that these additional trips would encourage families to just schedule all of the appointments during those extended weekends and even go on trips during those days. This should hopefully help boost attendance during the contact days.

The district pointed out that this new initiative would not only be beneficial to the student but it would also provide guardians and parents with accommodations, especially in cases where they struggle to have their family vacations organized in alignment with the academic calendar.

The school district has pointed out that the new schedule could potentially have five benefits, including tackling chronic absenteeism, giving parents more control, better student engagement and instruction, and helping foster stronger family bonds. They added that the additional breaks would help create a better balance between the family life and the education of students.

Harvard University Center for Education Policy Research Faculty Director Thomas Kane noted that following the pandemic there has been an increase in absenteeism. As he pointed out, the rates of absenteeism have increased from 2019. He added that on any given day there are five percent of students who are not in attendance which does not allow the students to catch up academically.

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