Pundits Say It’s “Evident” That Hillary Clinton Will Try to Run Again

Pundits Say It's

(FeaturedNews.com) – Slipping poll numbers, crises at every turn and a failed Build Back Better Act are the highlights of the Biden White House. With a record like that, it is no surprise there are rumblings that Biden/Harris won’t be on the ticket in 2024, but could it be possible to see the Clinton name thrown back in the ring?

In the past month, Hillary Clinton has fantastically reentered the public spotlight. Political strategists suggest she’s capitalizing on the bad performance of President Joe Biden to gain support among her party for a potential 2024 run.

One political scientist, Nicholas Creel, suggests her reemergence directly ties to her attempt to become the Democratic presidential nominee frontrunner. He explains that usually, a losing candidate tries to fade out of the public eye, but Clinton is doing everything to put herself back in it. Creel said it’s hard to think her goal isn’t the presidential nominee when she has long had her eye on the highest office in the land.

Not only is she chiming in on hot topics regularly, but she’s also pushing her new book and conducting national interviews. So while she hasn’t spoken about her ambitions, she may be testing to see if the people would be responsive and waiting for Biden to announce he will not run again.

Bill O’Reilly, Douglas Schoen, and Andrew Stein have stated they believe Hillary is ready to grab the nomination and go head-to-head with the likely Republican candidate, Donald Trump, for a 2016 rematch.

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