Puppy Abandoned at Airport Finds New Home

Photo by Andrew Schultz on Unsplash

Earlier this year, a puppy had been left at the San Francisco International airport, but now it has found its forever home with an airline pilot and his family. The 6-month-old shepherd mix, named Polaris, had been left behind by an international traveler who had arrived in the country in late August without the proper documentation for the animal to enter the country.

The traveler then had the choice of continuing with their travels “without his animal,” as a statement from the San Francisco Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) noted.

After the puppy was left behind, United worked to get all of the necessary paperwork, vaccinations, and quarantine for the puppy completed so that it would be allowed to enter the country. During this time, Polaris, which is named after United’s business class, was housed in an airport office with a dog bed, toys, and treats.

Vincent Passafiume, United’s director of customer service, said that from the moment that they had Polaris, their entire United Team cared for him every day until permission was granted for him to stay in the U.S.

By the time Polaris was ready to adopt, United had contacted the San Francisco SPCA for help. They decided that only airline personnel were allowed to adopt him. Passafiume added that they really wanted the puppy to stay in the United family after all of the care that their team had given him.

Among many candidates, United Captain William Dale and his family were selected to be the puppy’s family.

In a statement, Passafiume said, “It’s a great feeling to see this story come full circle and that Polaris will have a loving home with United Airlines Captain Dale and his family—just in time for the holidays.”

In celebration of Polaris’ adoption, United also hosted an adoption party and donated $5,000 to the San Francisco SPCA to help support their efforts to help animals.

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