Putin Arrests Ex Ministry Official For Criticizing War on Private Phone Call

Putin Arrests Ex Ministry Official For Criticizing War on Private Phone Call

(FeaturedNews.com) – The war in Ukraine is having repercussions on people in Russia with dissenting opinions. Sergei Klokov, 37, a former captain in the Russian interior ministry, recently found out the hard way that disagreeing with the government’s actions will land you in jail. Klokov is in hot water over statements he allegedly made on a private cell phone.

According to Klokov’s mother, the former captain never spoke out publicly about his dislike of the war, nor did he share his opinions on social media. The Russian government claims he disseminated invalid info via private calls instead.

The First Amendment protects the rights of American citizens to speak out against the government or condemn its actions without fear of retribution. In Russia, however, the situation could not be more different. Arrests for sharing dissenting opinions are increasingly common, and President Vladimir Putin’s newest initiative to squash opposing views is brutally strict.

Klokov’s mother said police entered and searched their home, though she isn’t entirely certain why. Her son, who was working when they arrived, must have been taken on his way home; someone broke his car windshield and tore his jacket.

To further add insult to injury, Klokov’s attorney said his client had already been represented by someone he believes works for the government and that he wasn’t allowed to consult with that individual. The lawyer apparently filed an appeal by mail.

Klokov is originally from Ukraine and hoped for an end to the war, granting both sides some relief. He faces up to 15 years in prison for opposing the bloodshed.

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