Putin Is Holding a Surprise Event for His Alleged Mistress

Putin Is Holding a Surprise Event for His Alleged Mistress

Putin SURPRISES Alleged Mistress With A Public Gift

(FeaturedNews.com) – Despite being entangled in a conflict he instigated with Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin still has time to throw a celebration for the woman many observers suspect to be his mistress. Kremlin television recently live broadcasted the “Alina Festival” throughout the nation in honor of noted gymnast and Putin consort Alina Kabaeva. The patriotic event featured gymnastics performances and musical performances, a seemingly fitting tribute to the retired gymnast.

Who Is Alina Kabaeva?

Kabaeva is allegedly romantically entangled with Putin and is rumored to be the mother of some of his children. She was an Olympic gymnast on the Russian team during its peak from 2000 to 2016. Kabaeva’s chosen discipline was rhythmic gymnastics, where she earned the title of the country’s most flexible woman for her outstanding performances. She’s managed to win 18 World Championships and 25 European Championships, and during her Olympic appearances representing Russia, she earned one gold and one bronze medal.

Kabaeva is currently a media mogul and politician. She served as a Russian MP and the National Media Group’s board of directors chair.

Kabaeva is predictably very close to the Russian president, as a result of her time as an MP. They have a tight association, which leads to the rumors that she is romantically involved with the dictator. Still, Putin has denied having a relationship with her that is not business-related.

The Festival

Reports say the Alina Festival has an air of nostalgia for the former Soviet Union years. Singers perform old patriotic songs while children do elaborate choreographed gymnastics on stage. The outfits are full of sparkle, with the primary color theme of Soviet red. The bizarre presentations are over the top and filled with patriotism, with some numbers including a military choir.

The celebration began airing on Russia-1, the state-owned television outlet, on June 1, but the event took place last month. The programming release was to honor International Day for the Protection of Children.

This event is the second such festival this year. The first took place in April and Kabaeva appeared at that one, where she gave a speech praising the military while wearing a St. George’s ribbon for veterans of World War II.

Kabaeva’s Influence

Many world leaders agree that Kabaeva has the ear of the Russian president and is influential in the country. However, Canada and the European Union have placed restrictions on her in connection with the Ukraine invasion due to her relationship with Putin.

White House officials state the US has not put sanctions on Kabaeva yet. The administration does not feel targeting someone so close to Putin would be a wise move as it could increase tensions. The Treasury Department had prepared measures against her, but they are currently on hold.

Stay tuned for more updates on this developing story.

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