Putin Just Gave Cuba 700,000 Barrels of Oil

Putin Just Gave Cuba 700,000 Barrels of Oil

Putin Supplied Communist Cuba With a Generous Gift

(FeaturedNews.com) – A shipment from Russia of 700,000 barrels of fuel, worth about $70 million, made it to Cuba on July 14. The move shows a budding partnership between the two nations, demonstrating that Russian President Vladimir Putin is finding ways to bypass western sanctions. Even the use of the carrier, owned by sanctioned Sovcomflot, shows the Kremlin is working every angle to get past the penalties imposed over the conflict in Ukraine.

Usually, Venezuela covers Cuba’s energy needs, but that nation is facing its own supply issues as we speak. As a result, availability is spotty, and costs are skyrocketing. Additionally, Cuba has been suffering from rolling blackouts. The people revolted in 2021 due to those power outages, prompting leaders to find a solution to keep the peace. Because Russia has few other places to sell its goods, the matchup was a win for both countries.

Cuba’s leaders have maintained and strengthened their relationship with Putin despite the West turning against the Kremlin due to its invasion of Ukraine. Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has also retained friendly relations with Moscow and committed to diesel imports.

Latin America is the largest market for fuel from Russia this year, and with the solid partnerships Putin is building, the region might help him keep his country afloat despite the punishments from the West. Still, how the arrangement might affect both countries moving forward is difficult to predict; experts are likely to keep a watchful eye on the situation for the time being.

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