Putin Says He Tried to Get Bill Clinton to Let Russia Join NATO Years Ago

Putin Says He Tried to Get Bill Clinton to Let Russia Join NATO Years Ago

(FeaturedNews.com) – Russian President Vladimir Putin is saying many things these days. Recent remarks of his make it clear NATO is at the center of his current issues with Ukraine, and he pulled a former US president into it.

In a speech on February 21, Putin revealed that he asked former President Bill Clinton about allowing Russia into NATO in 2000. He refused to talk about how the conversation went or what Clinton said, but he insinuated the United States was against the idea. He also accused US officials of working against Russia.

Russia’s issues with NATO didn’t start with Bill Clinton. The Kremlin has had problems with the expansion of the treaty organization since the breakup of the USSR. During the Clinton administration, the president pushed to expand NATO; Putin saw the move as the US acting aggressively and began speaking out against NATO expansion.

The Russian leader’s current trouble with Ukraine became more pressing when the rival nation asked to join NATO. Admission would bring the organization right to Russia’s doorstep, which Putin sees as a threat. But it brings up an excellent question to ponder: If Russia became part of the treaty organization 20-some years ago, would the current Ukraine situation be happening?

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