Putin Strips Patent Holders From “Unfriendly” Countries of Protections

Putin Strips Patent Holders From

(FeaturedNews.com) – Sanctions against Russia haven’t only come from the international community of governments friendly to democracy. They’ve also come from private businesses supporting the Ukrainian people by ceasing operations in what they describe as a hostile nation. Russian President Vladimir Putin recently took steps to mitigate the damage by taking away patent protections for anyone from unfriendly countries. Unfortunately, that shift could have dire consequences for multiple nations — including the United States.

Josh Gerben, a well-known intellectual property lawyer from Washington, DC, says Putin’s measure will forever change Russia’s relationship with the world. The attorney warns that the ripple effects of patent theft go far beyond the crisis in Ukraine.

Russia’s Ministry of Economic Development said the aggressive action is necessary because Russia has no choice but to respond to sanctions. They stated financial measures from the West, as well as boycotts from major players like McDonald’s, are choking the country and interrupting supply chains.

Gerben says the language opens the door for Russia to take whatever anyone denies them. They could, for example, allow the local operators of the 850 McDonald’s in Russia to open and operate independently, without repercussions from their American parent, and still use the company’s name.

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