Reason for Explosion in Washington D.C. Identified

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( – A home camera in Springfield, Virginia captured an explosion that occurred on June 4 at about 3:15 p.m.

The loud noise was heard in D.C., Northern Virginia, and portions of Maryland, and was caused by a military aircraft attempting to catch up to a Cessna aircraft that had an unresponsive pilot before it crashed, killing the four people that were on the aircraft.

The city of Annapolis Office of Emergency Management reported that the sonic boom had been the result of an authorized Dept. of Defense flight. The officer proceeded to state that the flight had caused the sonic boom, but that was all the information they had “available at this time.”

Bowie, Maryland officials also confirmed that the boom had come from a plane out of Joint Base Andrews.

The Continental US NORAD, in their statement, said that two F-16 jets responded to the Cessna from an Air National Guard base near Atlantic City, New Jersey, and two from the DC National Guard at Andrews Air Force Base. All of the jets had been authorized to use supersonic speed in order to catch up with the plane. The sonic boom in particular had come from the two jets that flew out of the Andrews Base.

The jets managed to intercept the Cessna at 3:20 and reported that the civilian plane’s pilot was unresponsive. NORAD noted that they had been attempting to contact the Cessna pilot until when the plane crashed close to the George Washington National Forest in Virginia. There were four people aboard the plane.

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