Recent Polling Spells Trouble for Biden Admin

( – The most recent poll put out by Quinnipiac University sends a less than pleasant message to the White House. A mere 33% of those polled gave Biden a positive rating, adding another 3% to to his decline since the last poll in November, and totaling 17% since the February 2021 run.

A closer look at the stats shows a solid 54% of participants believe the economy continues to decline. The December inflation report does nothing at all to prove them wrong.

As a matter of fact, the most recent Consumer Price Index (CPI) report released by the Department of Labor reinforced the gravity of the situation.  The ‘all items’ index showed an inflation rate of 7% over the entirety of 2021 — far from the good news the White House was hoping for.

The United States hasn’t seen a 12-month change that large since the early 80s. The ‘all items’ inflation number minus food and fuel showed an increase of 5.5%, representing the largest categoric increase for that figure since the early 90s.

So what can we expect to see happen next? Some investors are concerned the Federal Reserve will increase interest rates in response.

Perhaps Biden should spend a little less time focusing on the multi-trillion dollar Build Back Better plan, full of spending, and instead turn his sights on plans that will improve the general economy.

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