Recently Deceased NFL Player Showed Signs of CTE

Recently Deceased NFL Player Showed Signs of CTE

NFL Star DEAD – Look What Researchers Found

( – Demaryius Thomas had just retired from a 10-year run in the NFL when he died unexpectedly in December 2021. Sadly, his storied career with the Denver Broncos became secondary to symptoms of a mental disorder that doctors now believe was chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE). However, his official cause of death is unknown.

CTE is common among contact sports players. Thomas played wide receiver, which is one of the most dangerous positions in the game. Helmet-to-helmet collisions cause varying degrees of concussions and trauma, ultimately resulting in potentially deadly complications and side effects. Additionally, Thomas was experiencing seizures that people close to him believed may have been linked to a car accident in 2019.

Thomas’ family reported that he was behaving erratically before his death, growing increasingly paranoid. Because his symptoms were tell-tale signs of CTE, they donated his brain for a study at Boston University, where researchers confirmed the suspicion.

Neuropathologist Dr. Ann McKee, who has diagnosed more than 300 cases of the brain disease, told ABC News that players need more support and protection from the kinds of injuries that cause CTE. She suggested evaluating players at the beginning and end of every season as part of the solution.

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