Record-Setting Number of Migrants Caught by Coast Guard Along Florida’s Coast

Record-Setting Number of Migrants Caught by Coast Guard Along Florida's Coast

The U.S.-Mexico Border Isn’t The Only Migrant Hot Spot

( – The United States Coast Guard patrols the waters from South Florida, to Cuba, and to Haiti for the specific purpose of searching for people attempting to migrate from their home country to US soil. The operation is part of an ongoing effort fight to save lives from the dangers of the sea, as well as a general homeland security measure.

So far this year, the Coast Guard intervened in the migration efforts of 3,987 people. They encountered less than half that figure in the fiscal year 2021. A Fox News team embedded with a rescue crew observed Coast Guard members stop and board a boat transporting 75 Haitians. According to their reporting, the bulk of refugees picked up in the open sea are trying to flee their homes, usually for economic and political reasons. Authorities return most of them to their home country.

Coast Guard spokesperson Nicole Groll told Fox News the vessels used by refugees to cross the Caribbean are typically unsafe, rustic boats and pieced together rafts. There are no safety measures such as radar, life jackets, or other modern amenities. Around 175 people have supposedly died on the journey so far this year, and those numbers likely don’t include all of the casualties.

By all accounts, the journey to America is fraught with danger and unpredictability. The work being done by the Coast Guard provides an invaluable service. Not only does the organization turn away those coming here illegally, but they also do all they can to preserve and protect lives.

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