Report on Laken Riley’s Murder Leaves Out KEY Detail

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( – On Sunday, conservatives blasted the Associated Press for their claims that Laken Riley’s murder was showcasing more the “fears of solo female athletes” rather than the issues of illegal immigration and high crime rates. 

Riley, who was a nursing student at Augusta University was found dead on Thursday. Before entering the nursing program at the Augusta Athens campus and being on the Dean’s List, she had attended the University of Cambridge.

Police had also ended up charging Jose Antonio Ibarra, a Venezuelan immigrant who had entered the country illegally, with false imprisonment, aggravated assault and battery, kidnapping, felony murder, and malice murder among other charges. On Sunday it was confirmed by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that Ibarra had illegally entered the United States in 2022 and that since then he had been arrested once before in New York City. 

AP however in its article did not make any reference to the criminal record or immigration status of the 22-year-old suspect and instead made the focus of the article the fact that Riley had been murdered while she was out jogging on her own. 

The article continued by arguing that this latest murder had put to the forefront the dangers faced by female runners. In 2018, Mollie Tibbetts, a student at the University of Iowa died during a solo jog. This has resulted in many women sharing their own stories about being followed and harassed while out. 

However, this angle that was focused on female athletes and the dangers they face was slammed by many users online. 

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