Report: Russia Captures Top Secret US Nuclear Sub Equipment After “Naval Interaction”

Russia Captures Top Secret US Nuclear Sub Equipment After

( – The relationship between the US and Russia has never been especially harmonious. Yet, the current state of affairs remains very fragile as diplomatic issues between the two countries continue. According to reports, the latest clash involves a US submarine breaching Russian waters and causing quite a stir.

A news agency out of Moscow says Russian troops obtained a sonar countermeasure device from a Virginia-class nuclear submarine. The report says the sub was operating off the island of Urup. Russian troops issued a warning to the vessel to leave and chased it away when it refused to withdraw.

The US sub allegedly launched the device the Russians now claim to have in their possession shortly before fleeing.

Russia’s Ministry of Defense allegedly summoned the US’s defense attache in a bid to force the US government to answer for the violation. The Kremlin accuses the US of threatening national security, claiming troops on the sub are guilty of breaking international laws.

The Pentagon vehemently denies all accounts of any situation in Russian waters, including the presence of a US sub. Secretary of Defense spokesman Eric Pahon said in a statement to Newsweek that the US Navy was never in Russian territory in the first place. Furthermore, Pahon says claims of any interception of equipment are false.

If the Kremlin did gain access to the device in question, it represents no immediate threat. It is something used only for counterattacks and is not itself a weapon. Nonetheless, the technology contained therein could be helpful to the Russians.

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