Report: Supreme Court Source Says NPR Story on Justices Fighting Isn’t True

Report: Supreme Court Source Says NPR Story on Justices Fighting Isn't True

( – People turn to the news to get the truth, but when a publication prints something lacking in facts, it can damage its reputation. For example, a recent NPR story is coming under fire for spreading rumors about Supreme Court Justices that are simply not true.

In the January 18 article, NPR reporter Nina Totenberg described a conflict between Justices Neil Gorsuch and Sonia Sotomayer. Totenberg claimed Sotomayer could not attend court in person because Gorsuch refused to wear a mask.

However, an undisclosed source within the Supreme Court told Fox News Chief Legal Correspondent Shannon Bream that the NPR article stretches the truth.

Totenberg said Sotomayer asked Chief Justice John Roberts to institute a mask request for the justices because she felt unsafe being around unmasked individuals due to having diabetes. The disease places her at a higher risk of COVID-19 complications.

The NPR article claims that Roberts asked all Justices to wear a mask and that everyone agreed except for Gorsuch. But, according to Bream’s source, that isn’t true.

Roberts apparently never made any such request, and Sotomayer never asked for one in the first place. The unnamed individual also said Gorsuch has not at any point refused to don a mask. Furthermore, all justices are double-vaccinated, boosted, and tested before meetings.

Update: Justice Sotomayor and Chief Justice Roberts have both come out and said they did not ask Justice Gorsuch to wear a mask on the bench, further disputing NPR’s story.

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