Republican City on Verge of Collapse

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( – According to Yuma County Supervisor Jonathan Lines, there is a major border city that is close to collapsing under the pressure of having to deal with the immigration surge that President Biden’s border policies have caused.

He added that many of these immigrants are entering the country because they believe the U.S. has an open border and that the President told them it was okay to come into the country. Lines added that it was crucial for Biden to reconsider his border policies and make adjustments or everything would continue getting worse.

Since Biden took office, there have been approximately five million migrants who have entered the country through the U.S.-Mexico border according to the latest Customs and Border Protection data. At the same time, around 1.2 million illegal immigrants have managed to evade Border Patrol while entering the country. Border Patrol’s Yuma sector noted a 171% increase in migrant years from 2021 to 2022.

Hank Auza, a Yuma resident and farmer, said that the biggest problem is that they anticipate more migrants entering the country, even though Yuma does not have the resources to support them.

Yuma is not the only place filling the pressure of the immigration crisis. El Paso, Texas, is currently in a state of emergency as well as migrants are stuck on the city’s streets with migrant shelters completely overflowing. The temperatures at night are below freezing which has led to a local airport also being used for temporary refuge.

Alex Muller, another farmer from Yuma, also noted that the immigration crisis is slowly starting to lead to food insecurity, with many being concerned about access to food. He added that agricultural production was one of the biggest drivers of the economy in the town and having migrants walking through the fields and farms could potentially lead to the destruction of crops or diseases.

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