Republican Governor Refuses to Work With Trump

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Republican Governor Refuses to Work With Trump

On Sunday, a Fox News host asked Georgia Governor Brian Kemp if he would be seen with Donald Trump in future rallies.

Kemp, a Republican, alongside the former President, have conflicted ever since Kemp decided to certify the presidential election results in Georgia. Trump has repeatedly made allegations that the elections had been stolen and that there was widespread voter fraud. Trump also endorsed former Senator David Perdue who was the GOP challenger for Kemp, however, Purdue was defeated by a large margin.

While appearing on Fox News, Shannon Bream, the host, asked Kemp about Trump potentially holding a rally in the state. She also asked him if he would be willing to appear at such an event with the former President despite their ongoing feud. The reports about Trump holding a rally came from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Kemp said that the speculations of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution are not concerning to him. Instead, he said he is focused on fighting for hard-working Georgians.

Trump is currently facing off challenger Stacy Abrams. Trump has not actually endorsed Kemp in his race. Still, Trump continues to hold rallies in battleground states to support Republicans in their races. On Saturday, he appeared in the latest of these rallies in Warren, Michigan.

During his time in rallies, Trump spends a lot of his time talking about the stolen elections and criticizing the FBI for their recent raid.

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