Republican Voters Fed Up With Trump?

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Republican Voters Fed Up With Trump?

Pollster Lee Carter has analyzed the reactions of Democrats, Republicans, and independents to the former President’s announcement after the midterm results.

According to the analysis, some Republicans and independent registered voters are choosing to move away from the former President, especially after the midterm performance.

Trump, a Republican and the leader of the “Make America Great Again” movement, announced on Tuesday night that he would be placing another bid on the White House in 2024. This potential return has been teased since he left the White House in 2021.

Republican Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan previously suggested that the GOP might have performed better in the midterm elections if the selected candidates had “real conservative policies,” instead of just being Trump’s followers. Duncan has criticized Trump ever since he first made claims about the election in Georgia being stolen.

He argued that this election was an important message to the Republican party that it is time for new leadership and that Trump is a “distraction”.

In a survey from Maslansky and Partners, the reactions among Democrats (blue line), Republicans (red line), and independents (gray line) were fairly even as they all responded positively to Duncan’s comments.

However, Democratic voters had more negative reactions to Trump than independents and GOP voters did. Many Republican voters though expressed that while they had previously supported Trump they would be interested in seeing a new direction.

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