Republican PAC Asking Who To Run In 2024?

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( – A new PAC is looking to convince former Fox News host Tucker Carlson to place a bid for the White House in 2024. The PAC launched with an advertisement in which they praised Carlson for his stance on “woke nonsense.”

The Draft Tucker PAC is a relatively new, and filed paperwork with the F.E.C. in late April within a short time of Carlson’s departure from Fox News. They have now officially launched their PAC through an advertisement on Thursday evening, which is going to run throughout next week on Newsmax’s cable channel next week.

The ad states that Republicans need new leadership, and that Carlson is in a position to be just that. They add that there is no one across the nation that is more articulate and “pins down leftists” better than Carlson. The ad continues by claiming that Tucker would be able to easily win the debate against Biden.

Chris Ekstrom, who used to be a congressional candidate for Texas and GOP donor, is the PAC’s chairman. Ekstrom, who has also provided financial backing for the PAC, has stated that he only “vaguely” knows Carlson but that he was first approached for the creation of the PAC before Carlson was ousted by Fox News. At the time, he had considered it not feasible because of his position as a primetime host, but with him no longer hosting, those concerns are gone, which would allow Carlson to run in the presidential election. Ekstrom further pointed out that he had concerns about the possibility that former President Donald Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis would not move the debate as right as it should be, which is why he believes Carlson is a good option.

As of Tuesday, May 23, the Draft Tucker PAC has ceased operations at the request of Carlson’s attorneys.

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