Republican Looking to Raise the Voting Age

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( – GOP presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy revealed in an interview with Fox News Digital that he is planning on announcing a proposal that would amend the Constitution by raising the voting age to 25 from 18. This statement was made while he was traveling on his tour bus across Iowa.

The former CEO revealed that the new voting age of 25 would be applicable to everyone but those who serve in the military, work as first responders, or who can pass the civics test immigrants are required to complete in order to gain U.S. citizenship. He further noted that he was planning on fully announcing his Constitutional amendment proposal in a Thursday evening rally with Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds.

As he noted, they were going to be talking about this proposed change at great length during the event. He further added that this was one of the most “ambitious proposals” in his presidential campaign thus far, and that this amendment would help restore the position that civic duty has on the mindset of Americans. Those who will be considered to have done their civic duty through service to the country would need to have completed six months in the military or serving as first responders. In other cases, people would need to take the civics test in order to be allowed to vote prior to the age of 25.

All these restrictions would be lifted once one reaches the age of 25. This would be an amendment to the 26th Amendment which determines the voting age.

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