Republicans Lose Key Race, GOP Doomed?

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Republicans Lose Key Race, GOP Doomed?

Both NBC News and CBS News called the Nevada race at around 9:18 pm ET on November 12.

Cortez Masto, who became the first Latina senator after winning her election in 2016 with a two-point difference, has once again managed to secure a win, as she managed to beat Laxalt, the former state attorney general. Laxalt was a Trump-endorsed candidate. Nevada was originally considered to be one of the best pickup opportunities for Republicans, especially as the polls showed the two candidates being locked in an extremely tight race.

Throughout the campaign, Laxalt focused on issues like inflation, the economy, crime, and border security. Cortez Mastro runs the Democrats regular messaging of abortion rights. She also criticized Laxalt heavily for his comments regarding the 2020 election.

Nevada is a highly competitive state, where for years the results of the elections have been incredibly close. In 2016, Hillary Clinton, and in 2020, President Biden, both managed to win the state by a mere 2.4 percentage points. Part of the reason why the races are so close to calling in Nevada is that the state’s population is ever-changing due to the tourism and hospitality industry. As a result, candidates will often need to reintroduce themselves to entirely new voters each year.

This particular election was an incredibly important one as businesses in the state are only now recovering from COVID-19.

What’s more, the death of former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), who has for years been able to influence Democratic voters, made the state elections all the more challenging.

The results for Democrats in Nevada were shocking to many, as Cortez Masto was not the only one to win her reelection campaign. In fact, all three House Democratic incumbents up for reelection managed to win their districts. A Democrat also won the secretary of state race against a Trump-allied candidate.

The one person who did not manage to win their reelection bid was Gov. Steve Sisolak (D), who was defeated by Republican Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo. Still, this is far from the “red wave that Republicans had hoped for.”

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