Republicans Reach Agreement With Alvin Bragg

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( – On Friday, the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office and the House Judiciary Committee reached an agreement for Mark Pomerantz, a former senior prosecutor in the office’s criminal probe into former President Trump, to testify before the panel.

The committee first subpoenaed Pomerantz to provide his testimony as part of their investigation into the DA’s investigation into Trump, which resulted in the former President facing criminal charges. District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D) attempted to block the subpoena at first, but a judge denied the request earlier this week. The following day, a federal appeals court temporarily halted Pomerantz’s deposition only hours before it was scheduled to take place following an appeal from Bragg’s office.

However, a spokesperson for House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) in a recently released statement noted that the DA’s office had now withdrawn “its appeal in Bragg v. Jordan.” As such, Pomerantz is now scheduled to provide his deposition on May 12.

The Manhattan DA’s office in their own statement claimed that this was a “successful stay of this subpoena” as it “blocked the immediate deposition and afforded us the time necessary to coordinate with the House Judiciary Committee on an agreement that protects the District Attorney’s privileges and interests.”

Pomerantz had previously served as a top prosecutor in this case, but resigned in February 2022 because Bragg was at the time reluctant to file criminal charges against Trump. Trump had charges filed against him more than a year later in connection to Bragg’s probe.

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