Robbery Gone Wrong: Pizza Shop Worker Turns the Tables

(FeaturedNews) – On the night of December 9th, a quick-thinking teen stopped a would-be robber in his tracks while working at Bold Pizza in Philadelphia. The son of the shop’s owner managed to keep the situation from becoming any worse while making the man easier to find.

14-Year-Old Outsmarts Would-Be Robber

The 33-year-old suspect probably thought he’d chosen the right pizza shop to rob, especially after he had already succeeded in robbing a CVS earlier that night. Most young boys working late at night would be easy targets, but this 14-year-old was not about to let his father’s shop lose its hard-earned cash. Once he noticed the man fighting another employee for the cash register, he pulled out a gun and shot the man in the face, quickly ending the attempted robbery.

Robber Caught in SEPTA Station

Although the robber was able to escape the pizza shop, he was quickly found in a nearby SEPTA subway station with a large amount of cash in his pockets after a trail of blood led police to his location. He was taken to Jefferson Hospital and remains in critical condition. Although no further details have been released surrounding his identity, police are still looking for two accomplices from the CVS robbery that had occurred just minutes prior to the Bold Pizza robbery.

The City of Brotherly Love has become significantly less loving this year as crime rates have spiked across the city. The Bold Pizza incident is one of thousands of Philadelphia robberies in 2021, many of which involved guns. Over 400 people have been killed in over 2,000 shootings within the city so far in 2021, and Philadelphia has also reached a record-breaking 530 homicides as of last Monday.

Residents asked mayor Jim Kenney to request National Guard assistance from governor Tom Wolf in August in an attempt to combat the increase in gun violence. Kenney has so far chosen not to do so.

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