Robot Technology Is Replacing Workers at a Record Rate

Robot Technology Is Replacing Workers at a Record Rate

This New Technology Is REPLACING Workers

( – What once used to be science fiction is quickly becoming a reality as companies continue expanding efforts to automate the workplace. According to The Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the Association for Advancing Automation saw an increase of 40% in orders for workplace robots in 2022. This shift is raising questions about the long-term effects on American workers.

Executives blamed COVID-19 and changing attitudes for the switch to robotics. They explained that many companies are becoming more willing to switch to computerized workers as it is a viable solution to current, immediate workplace issues. The pandemic contributed to significant workplace and production shortages, so as a result, companies looked to boost their robotics orders in an attempt to meet supply demands and/or production goals.

The US has been historically behind other nations, such as Japan, Germany, and South Korea, regarding using this type of technology in the workplace. The use has generally been limited to the automotive industry, where robots have taken over many repetitive tasks. Additionally, The Wall Street Journal report indicated that other sectors are beginning to see the benefits of using robots, particularly in the wake of recent technological advancements.

Could robots threaten the workforce in the long run, or is this a temporary matter fueled by pandemic-related labor shortages?

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