Ron DeSantis Suggests He Fell Asleep During Biden’s Speech

Ron DeSantis Suggests He Fell Asleep During Biden's Speech

( – Since day one, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been highly critical of the Biden administration. He showed he’s still not a fan of the president in remarks he made shortly after the State of the Union address.

During a March 2 press conference at the University of South Florida, the governor explained that President Joe Biden failed to capture his attention while he watched the March 1 State of the Union speech. DeSantis even admitted he fell asleep at one point. He did add that with three small children under the age of five, staying awake past nine is tough, but his point was Biden had nothing groundbreaking to say.

DeSantis pointed out that the Biden administration has created far more problems than it’s solved. This opinion is not new. At the Conservative Political Action Conference held in Orlando from February 24 to 27, the governor said Biden “has had the worst first year of any president since the 1800s.”

DeSantis referred to high gas prices, which Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds covered in the Republican rebuttal. He said it’s a result of bad Biden decisions. He pointed out that the president made us more dependent on Russian oil, benefiting Putin. DeSantis noted we were energy independent before and would still be without the president’s “misguided policies.”

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